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To My Own Imbrication

She was mad at me for being mad at her for trying to manipulate me. It was my geographical destiny to be with her but that didn’t stop the opportunity from emerging out of devastation. Simply put she rang the … Continue reading

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An exercise in pedantism – short notes on Nietzsche

From Nietzsche’s The Gay Science: 297 Being able to contradict.– Everybody knows now that being able to stand contradiction is a high sign of culture. Some even know that the higher human being desires and invites contradiction in order to receive … Continue reading

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Sentences from the dictionary, part 1

Describe to give an account or representation of in words. “Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental” Abandon, give up give up with the intent of never claiming again. “Abandon your life to God”; “We gave up the drowning … Continue reading

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Page one

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Something Series

Two perfect strangers adrenalined in stolen eye contact process the process of browsing a drop down menu of alternative lives – In paused rain they fall asleep snowflaking with elipses in their eyes – I want to make you safe … Continue reading

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Negative Space

It is apparent in the history of most art forms that there is an illicit attraction at the heart of fatality which, at times, renders the artist nearly deaf to other subjects. Themes of death, the void, and general absence … Continue reading

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The Money Tree

I think in my industry I finally fell out of that confectionary dream called childhood and succumbed sickeningly to some kind of ambient takeover I can only watch now as if in orbit of myself Immediately I begin groveling at … Continue reading

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